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Homologation of medical degree in Spain

Here you can check the status of your application and see what information we have about you. You will be able to modify your personal data, attach documentation, choose a date for your interview or download your letter of admission, when everything has gone well.

When you fill in the admission form, you will be able to choose a date and time for your personal interview. This interview, together with your grades and the result of the language test (if applicable), will determine if you meet the requirements to be admitted to our university.

In case you want to access a degree program by transfer, your personal advisor will activate the interview schedule as soon as he/she has verified that you have submitted all the necessary academic documentation for the admission process.

Once you have made your place reservation, you will be able to start managing your arrival at our university with the International Student Services team. To do this, you will have a welcome service package that we have called Hospitality and that you can manage through an app: little by little and with our support, you will see how the formalities prior to your enrollment are solved in a simple and safe way.

Homologate Argentinean degree in Spain

In order for you to get the most out of our innovative academic model, Universidad Europea offers you the most advanced Laboratories and Simulation Rooms, equipped with the most innovative technology.

Start your future at Universidad EuropeaChoosing what to study is one of the most important decisions, so we have a process and an advisory team that will help guide you along the way. In 3 steps you can become a student at Universidad Europea.

Participate in our Open Days to learn first-hand about our advanced Academic Model of Experiential Learning, the teaching team that is already thinking about your future, the different training programs that we offer and how you will begin your studies this coming academic year.

As part of its strategy, the University has an internal quality plan whose objective is to promote a culture of quality and continuous improvement, and to face future challenges with the maximum guarantee of success. In this way, it is committed to: promoting the achievement of external recognition and accreditation, both nationally and internationally; the measurement and analysis of results; simplification in management; and the relationship with external regulators.

Nuevo real decreto de homologaciones y equivalencias

el seguro de viaje soy un marino, actualmente estoy de vacaciones tengo un barco que se une desde españa barcelona el 29 de julio pero estoy de vacaciones voy a viajar a mumbai, india a casa de mi marido. Solo quiero saber si viajo de lima a mumbai por 3 meses y volare a barcelona para unirme al barco junto con mi esposo, pero ese periodo de estadia y volar de lima a mumbai y el 29 de julio de mumbai a barcelona, ¿tengo que pagar un seguro de viaje por 4 meses para viajar a la india tambien por mis vacaciones o solo por la duracion de lima-amterdam-mumbaifor 15may y de mumbai-amterdam-barcelona? Por favor, ayúdenme con este seguro de viaje, que alguien me lo especifique.

Nacional tailandés que viaja a Perú y transita por MadridActualmente estoy de vacaciones por seis semanas en Perú y mi pareja tailandesa espera unirse a mí en Perú para unas cortas vacaciones alrededor del 18 de marzo y transitará por Madrid. Es probable que llegue a Madrid en un vuelo de Qatar Airways y salga posiblemente en un vuelo de Iberia o Lan directo a Lima. No saldrá del aeropuerto en Madrid.

Homologate medical degree in spain

Why study Business Administration and Management Online? With the Business Administration and Management Degree you will become a multidisciplinary professional, qualified to face the challenges of today’s companies.

The director of the Faculty of Social Sciences and Communication and the coordinator of the Cryptoclub, tell us the advantages of studying the Degree in Business Administration and Management online at the European University.

You will have access to all the content of the BigML tool, AI/Machine Learning platform, used by multinationals such as Pfizer, Mazda, Avast, ABN Amro or Faraday.You will learn to understand, analyze, transform and make predictions with large amounts of data, understanding and applying Machine Learning techniques to solve tasks «end-to-end.»

Upon completion of this program, the student receives the official degree in Business Administration and Management. The online Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration and Management consists of 4 academic years, divided into 2 semesters each, according to the following content: