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Osakidetza officials explained to the union representatives that these very specific calls will consist of two exams. The second will consist of five exercises or practical cases and that the correction system will be based on «totally objective» criteria, so that there is no possibility of subjectivity.

At yesterday’s meeting, the heads of the Basque Health Service avoided informing the unions whether they have confirmed the fraud in other disciplines of which Osakidetza itself has suspicions: Traumatology, Digestive System, Intensive Care Medicine and Urology.

The Department headed by Jon Darpón expects to have resolved in a few days the informative files opened by his department to study what happened in each of the tests. Once the definitive report, drawn up with the results of the psychometric analysis commissioned to specialists from the University of Oviedo, has been completed, it will decide whether it is necessary to cancel more exams.


What Osakidetza did was to commission an internal investigation, to be drawn up by civil servants. One of them was Belén Greaves, former secretary of the PNV’s Euzkadi Buru Batzar, and she expressly said in one of the working sessions that she was confident that the matter would not leave the «internal» sphere. One of the keys was that those appearances were recorded entirely in audio. Once the review of Anesthesia, Angiology, Cardiology and many other specialties had been completed, the conclusion was that there were no «objective elements» to prove the existence of leaks. An external report was commissioned from the University of Oviedo, which reached the same conclusion, although it could not deny the statistical anomalies in the notes. And that was that.

However, ESK or LAB went to the Public Prosecutor’s Office. The senior prosecutor, Carmen Adán, carried out an initial investigation and saw indications of a crime despite the Osakidetza reports which considered that there had been no anomalies in the OPE. He referred the case to the 2nd Court of Instruction of Vitoria. In the summer of 2019, this newspaper found that the Government had sent to the prosecutor’s office only the summary of its officials and that it had hidden from it the dozens of hours of recordings with all the appearances. In them, several members of tribunals speak of «tongo» and even a vocal of Traumatology pointed out that the exams he corrected were «photocopies» among themselves and with respect to the correction template.

Basque Government

Artolazabal also announced that the Strategic Plan for Justice of the Basque Autonomous Community is «about to be finalized». It will seek to «guarantee effective judicial protection in a friendly, accessible, reliable, agile, transparent and efficient manner».

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Nos complace que la 19ª Conferencia Internacional sobre Atención Integrada haya tenido lugar en el Centro de Conferencias Kursaal, San Sebastián, la región vasca en España, del 1 al 3 de abril de 2019. Con el tema general «Evaluar e implementar modelos de servicios integrados centrados en las personas», la conferencia es una asociación de OSAKIDETZA – Servicio Vasco de Salud, Bioef, el Ministerio de Salud del Gobierno Vasco, el Ayuntamiento de Donostia-San Sebastián y la Diputación Foral de Gipuzkoa. La conferencia reunió a investigadores, clínicos y gestores de todo el mundo que participan en el diseño y la prestación de atención sanitaria y social integrada.

El Dr. Shortell ha sido el investigador principal de las Encuestas Nacionales de Organizaciones de Médicos (NSPO 1, 2 y 3). Su experiencia particular se centra en la conceptualización, la medición y el análisis de los factores organizativos que se asocian con la organización de los médicos y el rendimiento del sistema sanitario. Sus más de 300 artículos revisados por pares han aparecido en una amplia variedad de revistas de investigación sobre organización y servicios de salud/política sanitaria, y es autor o coautor de diez libros.