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El CEATA se define como una estructura de formación-empleo donde, a través de un itinerario integral y personalizado (información-formación-asesoramiento empresarial-apoyo a la puesta en marcha de microempresas), se capacita a personas con especiales dificultades de inserción en el mercado laboral para realizar actividades relacionadas con la

Resumen de las actividades realizadas y los resultados alcanzados en el proyecto «Empléate en tu Tierra» cuyo objetivo principal fue la creación de estructura de cualificación y orientación para los jóvenes

Habiendo examinado el proyecto de resolución 32 C/DR.19 (presentado por Kenya, con el apoyo de la República Unida de Tanzania), relativo al párrafo 02110, en el que se propone la inserción de un texto que incluya los factores culturales y socioeconómicos y la utilización del sistema integrado de información, y se solicitan recursos financieros adicionales (Programa Ordinario: 40.000 dólares; fuentes extrapresupuestarias: 60.000 dólares) para la creación de un sistema integrado de información sobre los recursos hídricos en la cuenca del Lago Victoria en la región de África Oriental, la Comisión recomendó a la Conferencia General que decidiera que las preocupaciones expresadas en el proyecto de resolución ya se habían abordado en el documento 32 C/5 (párrs.

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Francisco (Paco) Hernández and Silvio Rodríguez met last September in Madrid, when the Cuban singer-songwriter decided to donate the proceeds from his two concerts in that city and the amount of the prize awarded by the Leteo de León Cultural Club. Silvio asked Paco to manage this funding for the purchase of medicines for Cuba.

I loved Paco; his plain way of words, the coherence of saying and doing; the loyalty… And here is this meeting of ours, in a corner, as it was possible… then updated to also wait for the container… loaded with emotion, as always…

Paco MediCuba- It has not been easy, because when you go to acquire materials as MediCuba, if they are products related to the United States they do not sell them to you and we have had to enter into purchases through third parties, never products from the United States. We have also had many problems because buying to load containers to Cuba makes the prices much more expensive.

Paco MediCuba- It is a very serious battle, it takes up a lot of time and we do it with a lot of love. I love doing this because we also believe that we have to defend above all, the social conquests that Cuba has related to health and education. And that is what we work for.

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To give a fact: all pneumonia patients are ventilated with mechanical respiration face down. To turn one of these patients you need four people: a doctor to hold the head so that the tube does not fall and three others to turn it. And now imagine you have 20 patients and a staff for 10. That is the current situation or worse.

I would be fine with that, but of course, the problem is that if they are collapsed in Madrid, they are collapsed here as well. If, for example, they have options in Andalusia, then of course they have to be taken. That is to say, patients should be distributed wherever you can, there is no doubt about that, but the problem arises in situations of generalized collapse such as the current one. An example of this occurred at the beginning in Torrejón de Ardoz. There they had the ICU full of these patients and in other hospitals, on the other hand, they had free beds and wanted nothing to do with it. If there are free places, you must have the possibility of transferring.

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Few players know Real Madrid as José María Gutiérrez ‘Guti’ (Torrejón de Ardoz, 1976). EFE spoke with him to analyze the beginning of the course of the white set and the figure of some soccer players after the presentation of an agreement of LaLiga, where he exerts as ambassador, with Burger King.

Answer: Good. Within what we expected. It is true that offensively they are doing well, but they are struggling a bit defensively. These things have to improve when they have to face big teams, but offensively they are doing a lot of good things, they are scoring a lot of goals. It’s a team to watch.

A: As far as he wants. He has qualities that most of the players who are now in Europe do not have. If, apart from them, he works well on certain things that he had to improve to raise his level, he will be one of the important players not only in Real Madrid but also at European level.

A: It was not an easy operation, everyone knew that. He came from an important club, with a presidency that we know how it works and how it is. They always want to have the best there and they don’t give in. It’s going to be complicated. Waiting to see if it is true that in January he will be free and can come to Real Madrid.